Condensing units

An extensive range of condensing units utilising single compressors from market leading manufacturers.

Compressor options: semi-hermetic reciprocating, screw and hermetic scroll.

Condensing Units: N-series

An extensive selection of condensing units utilising single compressor, be it reciprocating or Scroll compressor technology perfectly matched to a range of stock condensers.

All options are possible including:

Compressors from 1/2 to 80 HP,

Condenser capacity up to 230kw’s as a standard model
ex-stock (TD 20K).

D.O.L or PWS start configurations,


Single or three phase,

AC or EC fans,

Standard through to fully dressed units,

Receiver volumes from 6Ltr to 107 Ltr ex-stock,

Wired to terminal box or to full function control panel,

Housed or un-housed,

Noise attenuation also available.

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