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Quality Assurance

Since the Company was started in 1998 by Andy Fry, Beacon Design & Engineering Ltd has been renowned for its innovative design and high standards of manufacturing individual refrigeration products.

Following acquisition in 2013 by the FSW Group, Beacon was moved to a larger premises and a comprehensive review of the production and quality systems was undertaken.

This has resulted in the introduction of an updated Quality policy and an improved set of QA procedures. This Quality Policy has been implanted to ensure that Beacons’ manufacturing procedures meet, or exceed, the requirements of all applicable and relevant standards and codes of practice that apply to the Beacon production processes.

These benchmarks include EN378-2008, P.E>.D. 97/23/EC, BS EN 15614-1, and the BRA Guide to Good Practice, amongst others.

At Beacon the QA assessors are now more involved in the build processes through the introduction of a revised, comprehensive series of in-build and post-build quality checks and tests. These checks and tests ensure that workmanship and materials are consistently of a very high quality.

Beacons Quality control programme includes the following:

·       In-build checks for compliance with the quality standards.

·       In-build checks for conformity with the particular specification.

·       Inspection and calibration of QC testing equipment.

·       Build progress check sheets.

·       Production certification procedures.

·       Processing of customer complaints and of corrective actions.

An important aspect of the Beacon Quality programme is that it provides full traceability, allowing for errors and failings to be readily identified, assessed and corrected.

Continuous improvement in production methods and techniques, together with staff training in quality standards, craft skills and refrigeration components, all combine to deliver refrigeration equipment that has been designed and built to as consistently high standard.


Beacon 3D AutoCad

Todays customer base has moved on hugely in recent years when it comes to information and documentation requirements. No longer are our contractor customers happy with paper versions of piping schematics and plant layout drawings. The need to integrate our drawings into site installation drawings is ever more present.

With this in mind Beacon have made an extensive investment in obtaining the latest 3D drawing package. This has enable us to be in a position to be able to supply 3D manipulatable drawings to our customers. The detail provided is superb giving our clients the ability to see exactly what the equipment we will be supplying will look like  prior to delivery.

This solidworks product is a tool that has also enabled us to streamline our design process and facilitate accurate drawings which are used throughout the design and construction stages. Our Cad operators have spent  a great amount of time in the classroom  training to be fluent in using the AutoCad package to its best ability.

All drawings associated with our contracts are available  electronically in a variety of formats from dxf, dwg, skf or pdf or any other format that you require. paper versions are also supplied within the IOM manuals

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