Multiple Scroll Systems

Beacon’s extensive range of bespoke multiple scroll systems are designed for efficiency, configuration and reliability. 

The use of multiple scroll compressor systems brings several benefits. Their efficient capacity control means they can be turned on and off accordingly to meet the required capacity, as opposed to running semi-hermetic compressors at half load. 

Efficient capacity control:

If the load or ambient condition change, compressors can be switched on and off to match capacity requirements. This is more efficient than running larger semi-hermetic compressors at part load and also will generally give a better power factor. Use of uneven compressors allows many capacity possibilities.


If one compressor cannot run for whatever reason the load can be satisfied by the remaining compressors.

Ease of Service:

If a compressor needs to be changed for any reason, the small lightweight nature of the scroll compressor makes this a much less costly operation and much less disruption. This is particularly true with the smaller models up to 6HP.

Matching of several evaporating conditions:

If there are two or more temperatures to be controlled, individual compressor(s) can be matched to each evaporator while working on a single condenser circuit. This will give power savings compared to a system working at one (the lowest) suction temperature.


Precise temperature control:

With precise and stable system control Digital modulation allows temperatures to be controlled within +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius. Due to practically stepless modulation, it is easier to reduce the cycles in the system and keep a close control on the suction pressure and the discharge temperature, Precise temperature and pressure control also allows for a true steady state of operation, better enabling the benefits of lowering condensing temperatures to improve the efficiency of the entire system, when combined with an electronic expansion valve.

Reduced power & energy consumption:

By matching the refrigeration load requirements from 10% to 100%, digital compressor technology consumes only the energy needed to meet the load. Reduced compressor cycling saves energy from in-rush startup currents and persistent consumption from running at full capacity. This also enables operators to increase the evaporating set point, resulting in lower energy consumption and minimized defrost cycles.

Configuration options:

We are able to custom build Multiple Scroll products to meet your needs, whether you require multiple fixed speed compressors, fixed with Digital lead compressor or dual temperature, all options are catered for at Beacon. We manufacture packs for internal plant room installation or if you wish, we can combine condensers to make an external condensing unit

Our Multi Scroll condensing units have many options to choose from. Most units of this type that we build, tend to be for supermarket / convenience store applications. In these instances, the specification often requires low noise levels as well as a small or narrow footprint. Again these requirements can be accommodated in the Beacon design.


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