Bitzer Screw Systems

Beacon Design & Engineering have the skills and extensive knowledge to design and manufacture high quality screw packs utilising market leading Bitzer screw compressor technology.

Thanks to the HSK variant for air conditioning/medium temperature application, the HSN variant for medium/low temperature application, and the use of numerous refrigerants, the robust screw compressor with highly efficient suction gas-cooled motor has a wide range of uses. One option is the simple parallel compounding set-up

BITZER’s semi-hermetic HS screw compressors feature a built-in suction gas-cooled motor integrated into the refrigerant circuit. For many years, they have proven to be a robust and efficient market solution – on their own and in parallel operation with several compressors and a shared oil separator. Because they are compatible with a variety of refrigerants and boast a wide range of capacities and applications, these compressors are the first choice for large-scale commercial and industrial applications. They are used when larger refrigerating capacities are required, for instance in blast freezers for the food industry, as well as in refrigerator and freezer distribution warehouses. HS compressors are also suitable for many other refrigeration and heat pump applications.

The integrated capacity control is efficient, multi-step and, from HS.85 onwards, optionally infinitely adjustable. The capacity control and start unloading via speed control through an external frequency inverter offer an alternative.


Beacon have been producing bespoke Bitzer Screw based product for many years. We are able to supply single compressor receiver sets, multi compressor packs for plant room location or multi compressor condensing units. Each project is designed and built to conform to our customer requirements as well as site specific information.

Additional Options Include:

– Economised operation for more refrigeration capacity;

– IQ module;

– Full function control panel; 

– Large volume liquid receivers; 

– Suction accumulators;

– Multi stub connections;

– De-superheaters;

-Weatherproof enclosures.



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